Celebrating imbolg+

So many people I know have already figured out what religion they fit well into. I never have. I grew up Catholic, spent a long time a confirmed atheist, hit 12-step groups for a while and then started looking for a god for me. I was really comfortable attending Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, it’s … More Celebrating imbolg+

Making do

On Instagram people are hashtagging #52in52 or #52TrailsIn52Weeks2021, and I thought I would take part because my mental, physical, and spiritual health all depend on getting out in nature. And I’m still committed but I can’t necessarily do it once in seven days. I had planned to, but I still have issues with rheumatoid disease, … More Making do

I took a walk!!

I know that’s no big deal for some people, but I have spent the past 2 years recovering from foot, ankle, knee, and femur fractures, and a massive rheumatoid disease flare. I usually use a wheelchair outside of my own yard. Under doctor’s orders, I can only walk far using walking sticks. He actually recommended … More I took a walk!!

Not the mama

I’ve realized something gradually over the last 9 years: I dislike being called Mama or similar from people who aren’t my child, specifically in the context of looking for support in a parenting or homeschool group and have people say something like, “You’ve got this mama.” I know exactly but it means, and that they … More Not the mama

Are you a teacher?

O just took a very good kitchen chemistry class on Outschool. The teacher is a high school chemistry teacher, and had the kids mix baking soda and baking powder first with vinegar for each and then with water to compare them. They poured gas out onto a candle to extinguish it which thrilled O to … More Are you a teacher?

Celebrating Chalica for the first time

https://www.uua.org/worship/holidays/chalica I’m going to try to celebrate this with Owen this year as a non–churchgoing homebody UUadjacent natural/scientific pantheist but it seems so weird without others in the family caring. I’ll follow this guide relatively closely. Celebrating Chalica from uua.org Chalice might be a tea light in one of Grandma’s old tea cups. We’ll also … More Celebrating Chalica for the first time