a loss

From 1988 to 1992, and again in 1998, and for a couple of years in the early 2000s I taught preschool at Griffin Nursery School in Berkeley, one of the best schools in the bay area if not the western US. It was a huge influence on how I am with kids. My own kid … More a loss

this article is hard to read

At least for me, at least right now: https://creakyjoints.ca/living-with-arthritis/dismantling-your-inner-ableism/ I’ve been spending the past few months recovering from RA flares caused by having to go off my immunosuppressants for either covid vaccines or surgery. And while I’m glad I had access to both, I’ve been sore and exhausted. It feels like each flare, I come … More this article is hard to read

mixed blessings

My first 17-18 years of rheumatoid disease I didn’t get it when people said weather affected their pain. At some point after that, maybe 3 years ago, I started understanding. It took me a few storms over a winter to find out what bothered me: It’s not specific weather, it’s fast barometric change. / I’ve … More mixed blessings

Celebrating imbolg+

So many people I know have already figured out what religion they fit well into. I never have. I grew up Catholic, spent a long time a confirmed atheist, hit 12-step groups for a while and then started looking for a god for me. I was really comfortable attending Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, it’s … More Celebrating imbolg+

Making do

On Instagram people are hashtagging #52in52 or #52TrailsIn52Weeks2021, and I thought I would take part because my mental, physical, and spiritual health all depend on getting out in nature. And I’m still committed but I can’t necessarily do it once in seven days. I had planned to, but I still have issues with rheumatoid disease, … More Making do

I took a walk!!

I know that’s no big deal for some people, but I have spent the past 2 years recovering from foot, ankle, knee, and femur fractures, and a massive rheumatoid disease flare. I usually use a wheelchair outside of my own yard. Under doctor’s orders, I can only walk far using walking sticks. He actually recommended … More I took a walk!!

Not the mama

I’ve realized something gradually over the last 9 years: I dislike being called Mama or similar from people who aren’t my child, specifically in the context of looking for support in a parenting or homeschool group and have people say something like, “You’ve got this mama.” I know exactly but it means, and that they … More Not the mama