Owen Appleseed

Owen Appleseed by marymactavish
Owen Appleseed, a photo by marymactavish on Flickr.

While I was eating an apple in Owen’s room today, he noticed the seeds. “Open?” he asked, wanting me to get them out for him, so I sort of loosened their little hideyholes and he dug for them.

At his age, “These are the seeds, if we put them in the ground, maybe baby trees will start” was enough. Things like “most modern trees grow from grafts,” all that can wait until later.

(There was also a needed bit of “You can taste them, but they’re bitter, and they aren’t good for your tummy. Too many will make you sick, so just taste.” I find that letting him taste things that aren’t immediately deadly but aren’t especially Food works a lot better with him them forbidding that at all. That way, when I say, “You must not put that in your mouth,” or “You may not have that in your mouth, you must spit it out into my hand” actually works most of the time. The more I forbid, the more he tests.)

I’m really looking forward into having a yard where we can plant a garden for food, beauty, and maybe natural dye plants, and where he can watch seeds or scions become baby plants and thence food.


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