blogs and platforms, it got long

sfpride2009CIMG1966 by marymactavish
sfpride2009CIMG1966, a photo by marymactavish on Flickr.

I have this thing I want to write about orientation and its fluidity, or rather, the fluidity of identity, and of sexual/emotional interest (is that orientation?) and bisexuality, and then that became a thing in my head about how fragmented my blogging life got a few years back, when LiveJournal started going downhill (and it’s getting worse, the DDOS attacks since it was bought by a Russian company are astounding, Russians against Russians and hurting everyone through that), and then facebook started (I was not an early adopter there, but climbed in begrudgingly when my family members and one neat little high school alumni group piled in) and then Owen was born and my free time for writing vanished as an RA flare made typing hard.

Things fell apart.

So now on facebook I write mostly fluffy stuff and some heavier stuff, and post links to articles and cute cats on facebook, light parenting stuff and Owen stuff. I keep it PG-13 on most levels (I don’t write about sex stuff, I also don’t link to stories like details about what happened to Jyoti Singh Pandey. I participate in a couple of localish parenting groups and my arthritis support group that’s been important to me since diagnosis and ported from usenet to facebook when usenet got eaten by spam and trolls.

75027_389898431101993_1421073843_n (1)

I use Google Plus (which a lot of people think is a wasteland, they’re totally using it wrong or it’s just not for them, it’s thriving) to write about some queer stuff, a lot of science stuff, some random stuff, lots of links, and using their filtering (“circles”) to post a bit about parenting or Owen here and there. I like the way I can do instant photo uploads while I’m out walking with Owen and link them easily when I get home. (Facebook just started allowing instant uploads but I trust their content ownership not one bit.) I really love the talk about science, but not long ago I posted a brief thing about my evolving non-theist spirituality and a stranger started trying to get me to pin down meaning with semantics and specifics, and I realized I’m completely not interested in that. I enjoyed those games in college, and I’m talking 1980s college not more recent forays, and I’m not anymore. And I could make posts private or filter them, but I’ve had really wonderful public interactions, too, and so I only lock posts up when I need some anonymity, especially when it comes to photos of Owen or our immediate neighborhood. People can be really horrible out there, and though I don’t live in fear, I also don’t live in “here’s where we live with our child in our weird alternative relationship structure, come have tea.” I know someone who wrote something controversial, a hater found out the blogger’s address and made threats against the guy’s beloved, elderly, front-porch-lounging dog.

Flickr’s got its lovely little home range obscurity thing, and G+ has circles. I feel okay about how I can be transparent or opaque.

Twitter isn’t for blogging. I don’t mind it at all, but it’s different.

Dreamwidth has been a pain for me so far, I struggle to remember it’s there. Might be easier if I could easily transport in flickr photos (like I can with LJ, for instance) or port out links to my posts there.

So I’ve got this post about orientation and stuff flickering around and have no clue what to do with it. I think that a few overlapping filters on LJ will ultimately be the best bet, and maybe a combination of circles on Google Plus.

This here wordpress blog would be the ideal place, as I’d intended it to help combine my scattered identity, but there isn’t a way to filter it to users and still have it be at all accessible, so it just won’t be right for anything like that, anything that needs even a simple lock. If you’re somewhere that you can’t get past that lock, please accept my apologies, sometimes blogging is like that.

Upshot: My kinsey score is escalating way past π.


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