I’m *not* going to be a vegan any time

I’m *not* going to be a vegan any time soon, but I have gradually been moving away from animal products for the past few years. I don’t eat pork at all, I very rarely eat red meat, I eat a little more poultry and fish but not a lot. I don’t try new meats, so if you offer me, oh, moose, or ostrich, I’m unlikely to try it. I’ve done fine without them so far, my share can run around on the planet alive.

My particular mix of health problems seems to be calmest if I eat a little animal flesh but not too much, so i limit it to occasional fish (off the Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch card) and poultry. I tend to choose animal products that are the most ethical, e.g. the animals aren’t standing around in their own poo and aren’t treated badly aside from the mortality that goes along with it even with ethical care. But dairy calves that don’t grow up to be milkers or breeders (that is, most males) end up being veal, and that’s a nasty industry.

(Something to know: When you look at all the California milk ads with happy cows on green hillsides, that’s not most brands. Most brands are in stinky valley dairies with lots of cows standing in poo. A few brands, like Clover and Strauss, have happy cows on green hillsides.)

But a friend of mine just posted a picture of herself, on facebook, taken in a market, and she’s standing in front of a bank of almond milks and other not-dairy milks, and aside from soy milk, I’m generally fine with those. (Some soy is okay, but my health also seems better if I keep my soy use light.) And though I pretty much insist on dairy milk in coffee, for now, I like drinking almond milk and I like it on cereal, and I’d like to look at rice and coconut milks more, too. I think that next time I go to the local market that sells a variety of these things, I’ll stock some up for taste-testing.

I seriously need calcium because I’ve taken a lot of prednisone over this past year, but I can eat yogurt and get that. It’s dairy, but I’m not giving up dairy.

That right there is a random dietary post.

It’s probable that my next post will be about my new shoes and how I’m starting to like shoes and accessories. Totally deep.


One thought on “I’m *not* going to be a vegan any time

  1. We recently discovered Trader Joe’s coconut milk, and R loves it. She can’t have soy milks because of the estrogen boost causing more seizures. We generally don’t drink milk quickly enough to keep it from going bad, but coconut milk keeps a long time.

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