thank you note

I’ve been pondering friendship, lately, and civil behavior, and being nice, and noticed how hard it is, especially these days when people have so many friends and acquaintances “from the internet,” how we keep up with everybody besides making facebook updates.

I’m pretty lousy at it. Handwriting hurts me (and RA has made my formerly good handwriting a lot less legible) and I keep lying down to sleep when I get some free time. I have long disliked talking on the phone, something about the lack of eye contact without the ability to read over things or delete and write again bugs me. (I don’t mind face-to-face, and I don’t mind writing/typing, but phoning emphasizes the harder aspects of each.)

Some while back, a year or two ago, I met a nice woman “on the internet” who seems to have gotten past that. She’s got a busy life, and a kid, and health issues, and yet, she seems to keep people in mind and be genuinely thoughtful and a good friend. I really admire this about her, it’s an honor to know her and she’s a good model.

And though I don’t think of gift-giving as being the definition of a good friend, she sent Owen a handmade teddy bear when he was littler, and this week I opened the mail to find a package from her.

And wow!


I don’t knit, and I love homemade things, and isn’t this a lovely little minishawl? It works well as a scarf and draped over the shoulders equally well.

Thanks Shelley, I love it and it’s very thoughtful. 😀 And warm!

(So look, now I’m a fashion blogger! I messed with my camera for fun and took pics of “burst” and the thingy that recognizes a smile, which is sort of useless because trust me, the rest of the picture might be crap. But I can’t be a real fashion blogger until I take full-figure pictures of myself with toes pointing at each other, so don’t take it too seriously.)


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