Owen outside in a colorful hat.

owenP1080628 by marymactavish
owenP1080628, a photo by marymactavish on Flickr.

Owen isn’t deprived of outside, even when weather is inclement. He’s got boots, a rain coat, warm sweaters, and we definitely spend lots of time outside. But he hasn’t been craving just going out and playing lately, mucking about. So when he wanted to, today, I was all for it, and hung out with him in a chill breeze while he played in the sand, and climbed, and pulled dirt out of the strawberry boxes to look for earwigs.

I didn’t get video of him saying, “Come back, come back!” as the earwigs scuttled off into the grass, which is sad, but I did get some cute shots of him in the warm Peruvian hat his great-grandmother brought home from a trip some years back.

A year or so ago, I intended to write more about encouraging and scaffolding Owen’s sense of wonder, his interest in earwigs and spiders and snails (Audrey says she’s glad he’s got me, for this sort of thing), his delight in finding the moon in the sky, his interest in birds. But so far, I’ve been so busy being in it that I haven’t taken a lot of pictures or stopped to document it. Being in it is more important to me, but I want to be able to do both, and am working on it.


One thought on “Owen outside in a colorful hat.

  1. I am in favor of spiders and snails, though I have to admit, a bunch of quick-scuttling earwigs would be a bit much for me. I’m glad Owen’s learning to be curious and not afraid, though!

    Being in the moment is by far the most important thing, but I love how many of his small moments you write down and will be able to remember in the future.

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