this photo is not illustrative but gratuitous

owenIMG_0135 by marymactavish
owenIMG_0135, a photo by marymactavish on Flickr.

I need one nice, comfortable pair of black dress shoes. I need one good pair of shoes that I can garden, and eventually hike in. (I have shoes I can garden in now, but I don’t want them trashed, I like their colors/styles and wearing them out and about.) I could use one nice, comfortable pair of brown semi-dress shoes. But I *hate* the idea of single or even dual-purpose shoes, or rather, I hate spending real money on them. But I have to do so in order to get shoes my feet can tolerate.

Maybe I need to get over the idea that I don’t “deserve” nice things, or more relevantly, that I don’t deserve to spend Casey’s and/or Audrey’s money on nice things for me. I really do contribute heavily to this family, even if it isn’t for cold hard cash.


5 thoughts on “this photo is not illustrative but gratuitous

    1. I’ve more or less quit ebay and want to stay quit, but more than that, I’ve found shoes catch-as-catch-can there, not worth trying, though I do look for sales when I shoe shop.

  1. I struggle with this, too, as the SAHM of our family. After 10 years of marriage (and just having had our 2nd kid), I’m coming to realize how much better our family life is because of my contributions – clean home, clothes, children, dog, etc. πŸ™‚ This “job” as a mom & wife is the hardest work I’ve ever done!!

    You do contribute to the family & do deserve nice things. You are WORTHY.

    That said – I just found some Keens on sale at zappos. I don’t have the same issues you do with RA, but I do appreciate a good solid shoe with support that will last. Bonus: free shipping each way, so I don’t have to leave the house with kids in tow & try to wrangle them while I try on shoes. πŸ™‚ Happy Shoe hunting!

  2. I found some great Keens on sale at Amazon, and there was just a Keens blowout on zulily, so maybe they cut some deals. ;:) Thanks for the encouragement.

    Your house gets clean? Wow! I keep my dogs and kid alive. That’s a miracle, here.

  3. well…clean is a relative term! πŸ™‚ Kids definitely get bathed & dishes get done, oh & I usually manage dinner since we don’t budget to eat out much …I did manage to mop approximately half my floor yesterday, so I consider that victory!

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