I. Am. So. Tired.

I keep having these blogging ideas. I’m going to write about how I’d like to homeschool but have no idea what will be right for Owen or our family when the time comes. I’m going to write about how his sleeping is changing a lot lately and we don’t know yet how to work with that in a healthy way for all of us. I really want to write about the exercise-related book I’m reading and how it’s affecting me, I want to do a weekly blog thing on it.

But we’ve had bronchitis around here, and then there’s Owen’s sleep thing, and my RA is flaring (I’m on immunosuppressants, which means bronchitis changes which/how I can medicate my RA, which causes flaring.) So when Owen finally naps, when I can sit down and write, I space out or sleep.

Last week, Owen’s grandma took him for a whole day, and I slept and caught up on my hulu queue all day. Next day off, I might spend half of it writing.


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