Six-Dinner Sid: Propaganda for our time

Owen and I have been reading Six-Dinner Sid lately, which I learned about years ago from Joe Decker‘s book review site, before Owen was imagined. I got a copy back then, and now, Owen and I are reading it. A lot.

Owen adores cats. We can’t have one because we have a cat-disliking dog, but we will eventually. Fortunately, Owen also loves dogs.

And fortunately, I never get sick of Six-Dinner Sid. I am not sure why. It’s short and sweet and gentle, with a punch line that shows why it’s so morally/ethically important to our family, but it never hammers that moral home, it just sort of places it there.

Only recently, since we’ve moved into a friendly neighborhood where folks know each other does the other wonderful little moral of the book ring a bell for me. Wait for the punchline. It’s worthwhile.



Anyway, it’s a good book regardless of your family structure, the basic point that honesty is important holds up regardless. But for folks with families like ours, you’ll find a little special reason to smile.



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