He is never, ever going to be easy on our hearts

After months of practice, careful careful practice, Owen made it to the top of this ladder, up onto the top platform whence he can use he BIG SLIDES, yesterday, a week before his second birthday:

I can’t find any pics that show it to the top in my flickr feed or elsewhere online, but the ladder twists a little, the horizontal bars become vertical, the side supports become horizontal, and kids must sidle along to the top.

Even if my phone battery hadn’t just died, I had both arms out under Owen, who was well above my head, but he did fine. The first time was methodical, careful, watching his feet. The second time, he was up that thing and onto the platform like he did it all day long.

This is why we want him to do things like tumbling and aikido. We know he has strength and real skill, we just want him to have some training and to know how to fall.

This photo is from last October. He’s been practicing regularly since then. He really does persevere until he gets what he wants.


One thought on “He is never, ever going to be easy on our hearts

  1. You can’t keep him safe his whole life, but you can teach him competence at living dangerously. (I believe that’s from a Lois McMaster Bujold book. Though, for your sakes, I hope Owen won’t grow up to be Miles Vorkosigan :))

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