doing math

I didn’t realize until someone on twitter pointed it out to me that he’d lined these up more or less by size.
This morning, I saw he’d done the same thing with his toy cars.

The idea of structured curriculum for kids of this age in preschools makes me cringe, and only years of cultivation of compassion and professional communication keep me from going stabby when people ask, “but when do they learn stuff?”

Owen stopped to line up the chalk while drawing. He is doing pre-math, developing motor skills for writing, and narrating the whole thing, so his language development is exploding.

I didn’t notice until someone pointed out on twitter that he’d organized the chalk more or less by size.

This morning, I saw a few of his toy cars on the floor organized the same way.

It’s sort of like, “If we don’t take down everything he can possibly climb on, he will climb on things.” He’s learned how to hook his toes onto cupboard molding to get to the counter. I’m starting to think that if we don’t add impediments to his learning, he’ll just go ahead and learn.


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