Did you lick the soap again?

The other day, I was talking with my niece Rachael, who has two teenagers, about how being smart and being wise were not the same thing. The sms-convo ended with me quoting Owen (who is reasonably bright, but is also just turned 2) in the bath, as I sat with him:
“Mommy, yucky!”
“Did you lick the soap again?”
“Well, stop licking the soap.”

One of the difficulties of development in the teens and early twenties is that a lot of kids really develop some concrete, analytical thinking in a big way, it’s awesome. But the experience and wisdom-gathering can take longer, maybe especially for the bright kids.

So however much of this letter Suzy Lee Weiss wrote is valid or silly or whatever (it’s mixed), I would point out that this quote in and of itself illustrates the point:

“In this day and age, we’re being judged on things that we cannot control as opposed to things that we can.” – source/context

This has been true for “diverse” kids for years, decades, centuries. She is not the first, it’s just her first experience of it.

There’s a lot of intelligence in that brain, and maybe someplace like Michigan or Wisconsin can give her a place to develop more wisdom.


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