I am a very bad blogger, and have come to grips with it.

Photo explanation at *

Over the years I’ve had blogs and journals online. I’ve had livejournal, dreamwidth, vox.com (though really stuck with LJ and still have a permanent account there and dear friends I met there), and they’ve all either disappeared or become unusable or whatever.

I also have my intended geography blog from a few years back, when I was still working on my geography BA**, http://geographile.blogspot.com. I love that one and the concept, but really, the idea of sitting down and working like a writer on blog posts is hard.

On LJ, it was a personal journal, we had a lot of talking back and forth. There were friends. LJ was really good that way, back when Brad ran it and it was smaller and wasn’t being nailed by DOS attacks by Russians against Russians. It felt useful to write because there was interaction and feedback.

To be a blogger somewhere like WordPress or Blogspot feels harder. I need to Optimize and maybe even Monetize, I need to selfpromote on twitter and pinterest and everywhere else. And I’ve done what I’m willing to, and made a small handful of bucks as an amazon affiliate.

But I think it’s just not going to be me, in the long run. This is about what you (and I) get, where it’s at. I read parenting blogs where a parent goes on about how her kid likes sand and, because some blogging thingy told her to engage people by asking questions, she’ll end with “how does your child use sand?” Most of the time it seems slightly twee and very fake. “Uhoh, better Optimize! Must make blog post with at least 100 words, some pictures at oblique angles, and a question!”

(I can’t even figure out how mommy-bloggers, as they’re often called, do it. How do you keep your house clean enough for your photo backgrounds, make your kid’s clothes, provide variety in sensory tables, find ten ways to let your husband know you still care before the week is out, and still talk to your children, and then sort the photos and blog about all of it? Do you all have nannies or housekeepers?)

I started this blog to try to amalgamate things. I intended to post personal family stuff to either dreamwidth or livejournal, depending, geography stuff to geographile, and everything else here plus either the contents of or links to the posts elsewhere. And boy howdy that seems like a lot of work. (I also use google+, but fairly separately. That’s the closest thing I’ve got to networking. I use pinterest as a bookmark site only. And facebook is mostly family and old friends, not making new friends, nor blogging at all.)

I wanted to be able to dump it all here except stuff I wanted to keep locked to places like dreamwidth or facebook, and hope that people who wanted to read only read what they wanted to read, and maybe participated a little. (I really don’t feel like citing and justifying and arguing what I talk about. I have a kid to raise. I haven’t got the focus.) But I want to do all that without Optimizing or Promoting, and I think in today’s blog world, that’s asking a lot.

So …. I think I’m going to try again and stop trying to figure out what I want this place to be, and just let it be. I’m going to use categories, and if you really hate that you’re reading too much about my kid, or politics, or geography, whatever, please just go to the categories and read there. Or not. I am not going to ask questions at the end, most of the time, to get engagement, unless I have a real question.

*In this picture, my child is carrying around a toy garbage can full of dog kibble. He is snacking on it. He got his own snack out of the dogs’ dish. I am proud of him. It’s a Montessori moment.

**One of the things I want to write on later is why I’m no longer pursuing a degree. If you want to know more, feel free to remind me to blog about it. I might never get to it.


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