Mobility device personal reviews & recommendations requested svp

I get to buy a new chariot!

I need a mobility device that can come apart into two or three pieces and go in the back of our Subaru rather than on a rack,  that can hold me and my growing toddler (so a weight limit approaching 300 lbs), that is study enough for moderate use off concrete now and then (grass and firm dirt), and that can be used with sore or stiff hands if needed.

This time I’m leaning toward a power chair over a scooter but will consider either. For the time being, let’s say price is no object, but of course it is. I just want to fairly compare value per dollar first.

What I’m mostly concerned about are warnings, products that seem good at first but have given people problems, unexpected stalling or electrical (my first one spent most of its first months with me getting serviced for wiring) problems,  bad bearings, etc., but any other personal reviews or recommendations would be great.

Nudges toward your favorite relevant review or product web pages would be fine. Links to pictures if your own rad self on your wheels are optional but awesome.


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