math, and also, you can’t convince me families like ours are bad.

Owen’s math skills – pre-math, one might say, or math literacy, but it’s math – are becoming stronger and more evident every day. He can count by rote (and often does, while talking to himself) up to mid-teens, but more relevantly, he counts things, he arranges and sorts things, and lately, there’s this thing I hadn’t noticed in kids his age before, a conscious accounting of what’s missing. Because Owen likes his people, it’s often people.

Tonight, he counted people at the dinner table. “One, two, three…. uhoh, there mommy missing.” I was in the kitchen getting my plate together, within view in our big open space, but he noticed I wasn’t at the table.

Then later, not so relevant to math, but just to remind me how sweet he is and how much we are a family: He went to Audrey’s door (he’s specifying “Mama Audrey” a lot lately, we don’t really go by those labels but use them for being specific) to let her know he was ready for a bottle and bed. If Audrey’s not around he’s fine with me, but mostly he wants her for bedtime. He chatted with her at her bedroom door for a minute, said, “Uhoh, mama missing!” and ran back, threw his arms around my legs, and gave me a hug. Then he ran back to Audrey and hugged her as she came out of her room, and off they went for a snuggle and bed time.

He is really awesome.


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