A kindness code

I kill my browsers with tabs, sometimes. Usually I can blame wikipedia for this, as I keep opening links in new tabs because I don’t need them just now but they seem fascinating reading for later (somehow, I often end up reading about languages of the Caucasus, which is why I now know that Georgian is so lovely in written form) but this time, I started out looking at one line of my ancestry on ancestry.com, looked up the phrase “letters patent,” as one of the source records for a distant ancestor related to that, and ended up, a few bounces later, at the website for the Garden House School, in London.

Now regardless of how one feels about (seemingly) elite private schools in England, this is what I found, and like:

The Garden House School Kindness Code

  • I will be kind to everyone and care about the feelings of others
  • I will say nothing that might be hurtful
  • I will respect other people and their possessions
  • I will try not to let other people feel lonely
  • I will share other people’s happiness
  • I will treat others as I would like to be treated
  • If I have any worries, I will talk to an adult I trust 

I really like this, especially vis a vis the word “bullying,” which has its place, but focuses a lot on the bullies, and what not to do, when this focuses on kids taking some responsibility for a community that discourages it. 

I wonder whether it works.


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