poor sick bug

owensickP1090523 by marymactavish
owensickP1090523, a photo by marymactavish on Flickr.

Owen started coughing but was otherwise fine on Saturday, developed a fever on Sunday, and has been miserable since, fever up and down (but within the “beneficial fever” range, not awful). coughing, sneezes you don’t wanna know about.

Poor bug. I’m calling the advice nurse today to find out whether it’s something to bring him in for. He’s had this once before, but it didn’t last as long, and they told me then that this bug can last a week.

We all need a lot more sleep than we’re getting right now, around here.

When I tuck him in, I put him under one of the two blankets dear friends made for us for his birthday (earlier, really, they just took awhile to finish). They’re light enough to avoid overheating his fever while keeping a draft off, and they make me think of him wrapped in love of our broader community. Technically, I don’t really “believe in” things helping people heal faster on a literal level, but emotionally they help me feel better.


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