better living through chemistry is exhausting

I totally intended to spent Owen’s naptime today writing a post about our first visit to the Exploratorium, but here’s how things have gone instead:

  1. Wake up at 1 am coughing hard enough to evert lungs but realize it’s too late to take cold meds and go back to sleep and still have a chance of waking up when Owen does.
  2. Give up and take half a dose of nyquil at 4 am, zonk out.
  3. Wake up when Owen does at 6, fall asleep on the sofa while supervising his playing with his new garbage truck.
  4. Wake up, take away the sharp pencil he’s chewing the tip off of, put it away. Play with him while staying awake.
  5. Make and drink coffee.
  6. Drink more coffee.
  7. Go on walk with Owen.
  8. Put Owen down for nap.
  9. Try to sleep. Fail because of having had too much coffee.

A week and a half or so ago, for a week, Owen had a nasty cold. Poor little bug was really sick, fevery and coughing and things were not fun. It evolved into a mild ear infection and then completely got better, aside from a bit of coughing. But Audrey got it badly next, then I started coughing, and then Casey, so now we’re all sick, except Owen.

Soon we’ll be better, but in the meantime, I’m really glad he has his new truck to play with. There’s nothing like a relatively realistic, nicely functional truck to keep this kid happy.


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