a couple of things about geography and disability, unrelated

  1. I realize a lot about urbanization over the past millenium when, poking around at my own genealogy, I find villages that ancestors were born in 800 years ago and notice that they can’t be a heck of a lot bigger now than they were back then, while cities like London and Manchester and Durham are hugely bigger.


  2. I went to our local Kaiser medical center for their little farmers market today, because one stand has great organic strawberries and they often go fast. My RA’s got me really very sore today and I couldn’t find parking within a reasonable walking distance for a long time. All the blue spots were full, they almost always are. While I was looking, I saw a couple of very old people walking slowly across the lot from further parking aisles, using canes. I saw a man using wrist-crutches who was wearing a very specific orthopedic shoe, I got the sense he had very misshapen feet and walking was incredibly painful and difficult. I realized that there was no way someone with a wheelchair could unload from the further spots. I wonder why they have so few blue spots. They probably have exactly as many as they’re legally required to.

    I finally found a spot a couple of aisles from the blue spots and got my strawberries (and awesome garlic mint cheese, bolani, and curried lentils).

    I do not have a solution for this problem. Things are better than they were 50 years ago, but it seems like there must be a way to make that better, and I don’t know how, in any practical way.


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