My little cloney

clone troopers by myrrh.ahn
clone troopers, a photo by myrrh.ahn on Flickr.

Owen really dislikes dramatic tension in his video fare, for the most part, but for some reason, he’s fine with watching Clone Wars cartoons with Casey. He likes Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder. There are scenes in My Little Pony I have to skim past. He recently found Hello Kitty but that’s just too fraught, I have denied that because halfway through most episodes something goes bad for the kitties and Owen gets worried and frantic.

Clone Wars, though, seems to be over his head enough, while being interesting, and I’m not sure how.

I don’t want him wallowing in shooting and light sabers and bad guys at 2, but in balance, it’s a tiny percentage of his screen time and a tinier percentage of his day, so I don’t worry. Star Wars Time with Daddy is happy time.

(Just as I finished writing this, Owen asked Casey to turn off Clone Wars and watch My Little Pony.)


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