Je ne suis pas une diva

I’ve decided that if I can’t wear most shoes (RA has really done a job on my feet but I’ve always disliked heels on account of back and knee health), I’ll be a sock diva and a sensible shoe diva.

And if my overall health is going to end up with me keeping the body shape I’ve got, I want to dress it the way I want to dress it.

Now all I need is a bigger clothing budget, a roomier closet, and a laundry maid, right?

Because ultimately, what’s holding me back is that I am pretty lousy at maintaining what I’ve got.

This is where I’ve been having a lot of fun this week:

Other things going on that I keep meaning to blog about:

  • Owen’s development, boy howdy he’s growing up fast. He’s getting taller, but his emotional/mental/creative development are at full gallop.
  • My health, and my lethargy about moving forward in the constant and often vain attempts to get out of this RA flare.
  • Weight/body/eating disorder stuff.
  • GMOs.
  • My recent ponderings about joining a UU fellowship.

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