family variety and intersectionality

I quite literally started crying when I first saw this website:

Think how amazing and affirming that Cheerios ad, so ridiculously controversial, was for these folks.

Our family is unusual, and not (yet) in commercials, but every time I see something like that Cheerios ad, or the famous Penney’s ad (link), or anything that affirms that something other than what has long been affirmed as the ideal American matching-skin two-opposite-sex-parents-with-biological-kids, my heart soars. Maybe, maybe some day, we’ll be over that, we’ll realize how much more interesting the variety of healthy families are represented in North America and around the world. Maybe, people will feel more included because they’ll see examples of their own lives in advertising and other media.

I’ve got maybe another quarter century to live, or a bit longer. I hope I get to see it.


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