we learn what we live

Owen has had his baby doll for well more than a year, but fell in love with it tonight. All of a sudden, it was time.

While I sat in his room quietly with him and just observed, I texted Audrey this:

“Good night baby, I love you. You my bessss friend.” He lies down next to baby. Pats. “You want to get on my lap?” Crawls into rocking chair, is rocking baby, “Good night baby. You sleep now. You sleeping? Go night. I love you baby.”

It was pure magic.


One thought on “we learn what we live

  1. Precious.
    Both of my boys had babies like that, and like Owen, it was’t until they were a little older that they really really loved them. Griffin nursed his baby doll for a while at a younger age than Owen is now, but he “nursed” *everything* – trucks, plush animals, favorite books… anything he liked got nursed.

    I’m so glad you get to have these precious moments, and that you’re saving them.

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