Painting the sky

Today while Owen was swinging in the backyard, he stared up at the sky for a couple of minutes, then said, “Mama, the sky is very blue. Someone painted the sky?” I love this sort of thing, but it seems like something child-observers make up to make the kids seem cute. I know it’s real — and I don’t give the kids answers, either. That’s very rarely what they want or need.

I said, “Hm. That’s a good question. What’s your guess?”

He said, “Someone painted it, and our house.” 

“Wow, I wonder who could have done that.”

Trinity. Trinity came and painted the sky and our house.” Apparently Owen’s good friend Trinity, five years his senior, has been busy.

I have no video of this, no recording. I sort of wish I did, but whatever. I want to record and remember it. This will do.

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