I just ordered a huge pile of art supplies for Owen from Discount School Supply

(No, I don’t get money for promoting them, but I have used their art supplies since … well, it was a paper catalog. It’s been since before they had a website, and before Windows. Before I had a computer. Long ago.) 

 It’ll last for months and months aside from the occasional paint bottle replacement.

 I’d been thinking of doing it for awhile. I don’t know why I waited so long. I feel guilty about spending money on things that don’t feel *necessary.* Bare minimum of clothing for me, sufficient clothing (and then some) for Owen, yes. But art supplies? Yes, art’s important for kids, but this feels like for me, as much as him, and I feel guilty about it. And he’s going to start a new two-day preschool in January and they have art … why did I order some?


But yesterday we picked up an easel I found on craigslist, and he loves it so very much. So what could I do? Now a huge box of art supplies is en route. I can’t wait.


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