it’s a tater tot kinda night.

Owen doesn’t want to go on a walk to see Christmas lights, mostly (I think) because he’d have to put on more clothes, but he also apparently was stewing a creative play burst, because though he seemed he was bored when I suggested we go out, now he’s got the bath stool upside down and is scooting around on it like a truck… but wait, now apparently it’s a huge structure on fire, and his fire truck is out, ladder extended. Busy evening. So maybe we’ll go drive to see some lights when we pick Casey up at BART.

I’ve decided to cut myself a little more slack, that’s for sure. I can’t eat much meat but had decided to go for only humanely and organically produced chicken. But guess what? Trader Joe’s has precooked chicken strips. Owen loves them, I can eat just a little and not have to think about cooking chicken for myself when I can’t eat much anyhow and have very, very gimpy hands.

So now heating in the oven are TJ’s chicken and tater tots (TATER TOTS — so not healthy and natural, and so so tasty). I know we’re getting insufficient fresh and lovely veggies around here, though, so at the very least I’m keeping carrots and celery in sticks. Owen and I both love them. Tonight it’s chicken, tater tots, carrots, and celery.

We don’t do a lot of family dinners here. We’d originally hoped for twice a week, then once. It’s been once a month lately. Audrey comes home late and exhausted. Owen’s tired by the time all the parents are home. But I’m responsible for keeping me and Owen healthy, no one else.

Later tonight, I’ll hope the neighbors have set up their truly obnoxious flashy light plastic shiny foil giant train on their lawn, because we love it.


3 thoughts on “it’s a tater tot kinda night.

  1. Are family freakfasts (ha – that’s a typo I think I’ll leave, but I meant breakfasts, of course) easier to arrange for you all?

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