Happy Christmas to a lot of you

…. and a joyful creeping-up-on-a-new-year for everyone.

We have had good and bad and happy and very sad times, this year, but it’s rounding out to a happy ending, with Owen really wallowing in the sheer magic of the season for the first time, the songs and the lights and the socialization and boy howdy the unwrapping of parcels.

He truly believes Santa is coming tonight, and indeed, Santa has. I can’t wait for morning.


I hope the next year brings you something marvelous.


3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to a lot of you

    1. I’m sorry, your comment had accidentally gotten filed in the spam filter!

      Yes, he’s a force of nature and a really good kid, good company and funny and as much as he’s two and sometimes tries my patience, mostly he’s easy and fun and I have the best job ever.

  1. That face! How can you resist such unbridled joy?! My 5 year old was a whirling dervish this morning – and so so happy with everything she got, it was a delight. Love this time of year.

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