Freedom! and errands and chores and tidiness.

The kid’s off with his other mommy and her mommy to shop and eat and play. 

How our family works is that even with other parents around, I still am in direct charge of the boy somewhere between fifty and seventy-five percent of the time, so that though I manage showers and the occasional solo errand, it’s not often I have most of a day to spend on my own. And of course, some of that today has to be household maintenance. So I need to do a couple of shopping errands, including groceries.

We’re trying to make Owen’s room a bit more like his room, as a kid, now that he’s a kid and not a baby, and mostly not a toddler, so I’m getting him his own little trash can and clothing hamper, things he can use to get in the habit of keeping it semi-tidy. None of us adults is super-tidy. We range from somewhat tidy to not really tidy at all, and live with that, with the help of someone who comes in once a week to non-judgementally clean up after us from the ground up. But I don’t want Owen to grow up like that, so I’m working on bettering my own habits for his sake, and starting him with better habits than I was raised with.


(Mom wasn’t that untidy, we were just never taught what it takes to stay tidy, we were just sort of expected to sink or swim. Once a week or so, Mom would rake out everything from our room that wasn’t in the right place, and tell us it all had to be put away by noon, the remainder going to the Salvation Army. That’s not really a learning thing.)

So: Wastebasket for Owen, and hamper. Then groceries. I’ve had a semi-leisurely shower, and am currently lying around writing and drinking coffee. That was another goal: “Lie around writing and drinking coffee.”

  • Lie around writing and drinking coffee.
  • Wastebasket and hamper.
  • Groceries, including something nutritious and tasty and balanced that requires minimal prep on my part, for dinner tonight.
  • Then I’ll clean up Owen’s room.

Then I’m done. Goals met for the day. Awesome.




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