slow day, I hope

Last time I said we were going to go low-and-slow, Owen was super-busy and needed more attention. Today seems better.

Yesterday was so incredibly busy, with four hours spent at the park with Owen mostly climbing and digging in dirt, and side trips to our local health clinic to visit their rubber disassemblable torso (Owen asks not “what is this?” about the kidney but “what does this make?” He understood very quickly after we got him a body book for Christmas that organs do things and work together.) and a trip to the coffee shop.

Then in the afternoon, we stacked large cardboard boxes into skyscrapers, painted on the easel, read.

I’m not feeling very well and would like to sit under a blanket and write, today. Owen wants to watch videos and have books read to him and we’re alternating with that. I have a post coming up about screen time; today I’m fine with more screen time.

I’m a decent mom. Now and then I wish I were better, like I’d be earning my keep better if I limited Owen to less than an hour a day of screen time and kept the house clean too, but that’s not me, it’s not us. We do okay. His screen time is mediated and shared (we watch together a lot, and talk about it) and it’s okay.

I appreciate the ideas and commiseration and sharing about our bedtime schedule, or lack thereof. And ages ago I asked for vegetarian chili recipes, and I appreciate those too. Now I just need to make some, when I’m feeling a bit better.



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