getting music back

I grew up with music, showtunes and rock and roll, “children’s music,” jazz, classical. Mom and Dad were both musicians and it was always in the house.

We had a record player, a piano, a small record player for us kids. I don’t remember a discussion of good music vs. bad music. We just had a lot of music. I’ve always loved it. I’ve always listened to it.

But things have changed over the past decade or so, and for some reason, it’s become a smaller part of my life year by year. My most recent CD player wore out and I never replaced it. I think of making and doing anything with mp3 playlists as a huge pain in the butt.

Owen sings to himself a lot and I don’t want to interrupt that. (We sing a lot. He loves singing together or alone.) I don’t listen to the radio as much as Owen and I chat in the car and I don’t want to interrupt that as much.

And once KFOG fell apart and went downhill plummeted down a logging flume in a greased go-cart with no brakes, I stopped most music listening in the car.

So I want it back.

I started with keeping a Christmas Carol station on the radio in the car, and now I’m ripping my remaining CDs and downloading some good music from Amazon. I’m finding music that Owen will like and music that I will like, and making playlists. (That’s still a chore. I want to be able to type a command and a few letters while a song is playing and automatically file it into a handful of playlists — dancing, quiet times, nerd music, whatever — fast and easily and without a lot of attention.)

I am going to catch up on music that’s been released in the past decade or so.

Besides Jason Mraz (hush, *I* like him), what have I missed, what should I listen to, if I like “Paint Your Wagon” and Paul Simon and Dire Straits and Mozart and the Rubinoos? And is there a way to sort music into varied playlists that’s super low-maintenance?


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