it’s been a week, or maybe a month

Our landlord wants his house back so we’re hunting for rentals.

We’d been looking to buy, too, but can’t find a rental with less than a year’s lease, and can’t buy a house (because of ordinary waiting/processing time of each step) in less than our remaining time at this house, so we’re looking to rent. Again. I am so done with renting.

Right now the rental market is such that maybe one or two houses per day, on average, pop up that meets our needs. (Must allow dogs — and we search for anything that doesn’t specify “no pets” — and be near work and/or useful public transit for Casey and Audrey, must have a backyard that’s fenced and not mostly concrete, must have at least four bedrooms with at least one but preferably two downstairs.)

So I’m packing, and house-searching, and trying to keep up with Owen and be a good Mom while Casey job-hunts (bad time to be between jobs) and Audrey is in a super-busy time at work and has little free time.

So this week was a bad week to injure my shoulder badly enough that it’s best if I keep it in a sling when I’m not flat in bed. My left arm is, in fact, maybe 10% as useful as usual. (No, I’m not going into how I injured it. It was not an interesting injury, was a very basic movement doing a very basic activity, but not something one discusses on blogs.)

Oh, and because of my rheumatoid arthritis doing a job on my fingers and wrists, I can’t lift more than maybe 5 pounds with one hand, I need another hand, or help, or just not to have a painful shoulder on a slung arm.

It’s one hell of a week.

But because that was all about complaining, I’m going to give you a photo of Owen and the bunny bread his beloved Nina gave him when we ate lunch at Boudin Bakery this week.



2 thoughts on “it’s been a week, or maybe a month

  1. Oh, that’s rough. The travel’s a little tricky, but Morgan and I have some free weekdays in the next little while if there is something that it would be useful for me to come help with, or if you want to meet in the middle somewhere and just blow off some steam.

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