Headed for New England: What are we forgetting?

We used to run off to Boston regularly to see friends and have adventures, but haven’t been since Owen came along, and now we’re planning a trip in early autumn.

We’ve never made such a big trip with a kid! There are things we need to see: always the ducks, maybe the science museum, apple picking at Nashoba. But there’s a lot we don’t know about at all. We have maybe four days, which will be combined with socialization, down time, and a little driving in the general area in a triangle formed by Cape Cod, Bolton, and BOS.

And I’m making a shopping list (right here) of things we might need for the airplane, quiet times, for Owen to have something to focus on when needed.

What am I forgetting? What should we definitely see, what should we avoid, and what will we need to remember for the trip (red-eye both ways) that I’m completely forgetting? He’s 3, and though he’s super-active, he seems most interested in books and ideas and activities meant for kids in the 3-5 range.

me and the ducks
(Based on this photo, I calculate that we started our Boston visits nine years ago. I always visit the ducks. Always.)


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