wishlist info (completely inconsequential) for me to link to as needed later

This is put together for a specific gift exchange, but here’s the gist for anyone else who wants to use it.

1) I don’t need anything.
2) Neither does my kid, whose list is linked from mine.
3) We both like new things, including things we probably won’t get around to buying ourselves, thus the lists. (I also use both of them as shopping lists, e.g. “What is that brand of sweats that Owen finds comfy? Oh yeah, on the list.”)
4) We are both happy with pre-owned things, either stuff that has belonged to you, or to someone else.

When I link stuff from my list on my blog, I often go through my own affiliate link to add a few cents to my amazon credit, whence comes stuff like books for Owen (and for me, but ….) However, you can also start at smile.amazon.com to choose a nonprofit organization to get a few of amazon’s cents. I do that, unless I’m specifically shopping through a friend’s affiliate link.

I use mostly amazon for ease of address finding. You can access my powell’s wish list here, they also have my address. I don’t actually care which store things come from.

Of course, you might already know how to reach me, but I don’t share my address online. Those of you who have it, if you notice something you have and don’t need, and want to sell it or give it to me, let’s talk! This is especially true for things on Owen’s list.

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