making dinner

I’m cooking dinner, which is a bigger deal than it seems. I’m making rigatoni (boiling it, not making it), on which I’ll put freshly grated parmesan, and I’m braising kale that had been sitting in some olive oil in a ziploc for 24 hours, after yesterday’s failed kale chips experiment*. With Owen’s rigatoni (he’ll say “not the round noodles, real noodles, long waaaaavy noodles,” by which he means ramen, but that’ll just mean more rigatoni for me) I’ll put chunks of Trader Joe’s chicken apple maple sausage, which he prefers cold. Owen won’t touch the kale. Casey can do what he pleases with what he pleases.

Anyway: I’m cooking dinner. This is a big deal because the nature of the limitations RA has placed on me this time around means I can’t lift heavy pans (e.g. drain rigatoni of its boiling water) and it hurts to stand for long periods of time. So lately, I’ve been “cooking” things like Trader Joe’s fried rice, which I can nuke for 4 minutes and has honest-to-goodness vegetables, and Owen likes it.

But though a fair bit of my current disability comes from RA’s inflammation and what that does to pain levels and the way my joints and connective tissues function, some happens because I’m weak and lazy because when things hurt, I sit on my butt. There’s a fuzzy area between too much and not enough activity when flaring, and I’m way over into not enough.

So I took a walk today, with Owen and the dogs, just a tiny bit too far, then came home and took extra ibuprofen and lay down for a rest. And now, while dinner cooks itself for a few minutes (I should go check that pasta), I’m blogging for a few minutes. Then I shall go get myself some food and eat it.

In a very nice world, I’d clear off the dining room table and eat with Casey and Owen. (Audrey gets home from work very late.) There’s a small chance that will happen, but small. Casey’s not feeling well, and we’re not in the habit of family meals. But at least I’m making dinner.

*I read a few different recipes, and there’s a lot of variation among the 300-degrees-will-burn-it and just-keep-an-eye-on-it and 250-then-rotate-pan-then-300-for-3-minutes-then-remove-and-let-rest and other schools of kale chip thought, so I did 250 for 10, then rotated, then 250 for … checks, still nice and tasty crisp on the outside but chewy-raw on the middle for about a freaking hour, then I turned it up to 300 and suddenly scorch it was overcooked and bitter. So screw kale chips.


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