cooking together

Owen’s been playing with language lately, or rather, since he first started talking. But lately it’s been noticing similarities in dissimilar words, like, “I just heard the furnace go on.” “Furnace, like in fur!” or “We’ll stop at the bank, too.” “Too, like in two feet!”

Today I was mixing up some french vanilla pudding, because we had a chocolate pie crust left over from doing something for Christmas, so I figured dump some pudding in it. He helped me mix it with a whisk, so it wasn’t perfectly blended, and as I poured it into the pie crust, I noticed a few gloppy lumps in the pale yellow proto-pudding. “We can’t eat the pie until it gets firm, right now it’s runny.” “Runny, like runny nose!”

Maybe I’ll be able to eat some once it’s time for dessert.

(Just sharing.)


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