Geocaching: Should we? (we probably will)

I just found this semi-not-wholly awesome page about geocaching, on buzzfeed:
29 things you only understand if you’re a geocacher” (Please note obligatory numbered list and exclusionary language.)

So I said to Owen, showing him a picture, “Check out this game. People hide boxes for each other, with treasure in them. Other people have to go find them in their hiding places. The finders can leave a present behind, and pick out a treasure to take along. What do you think about that?”

He said, “I think that is super, and awesome, AND SNEAKY.”

“Sneaky” is just about the highest praise he can give. And he loves treasure.

Owen and his Nina are pirates, and found treasure!
(Owen loves hunting for treasure.)

So it seems that, on a very junior level, geocaching is right for him.

I’ve tried it a few times and enjoyed it, but now that I’m so gimpy, I can’t walk more than about a mile on a good day, uneven ground is tricky, and my small motor skills are iffy. So I’d love to do this, but for me, it’s not so easy.

But it’s just perfect for Owen.

I think this is just one more reason to be vigilant with PT/OT work, and finding a better rheumatology route, and can’t someone just cure this damn disease?

It would be easier for us if I knew there was a way to filter cache listings easily for ease of terrain and suitability of the find for young children. Do any of you geocachers know how manageable we can make it?


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