I am, as usual, fashion-impaired.

I hate clothes shopping. I have a weird body, not easy to fit (in my experience), and I’m gimpy. I can’t do buttons easily. I can’t stand up and flip through clothing on racks for long periods of time. It hurts.

That combination means I need elastic-waisted pants, but can’t find ones that stay up easily, and I can’t spend a lot of time looking. (I love thrift stores, but they really tax my endurance.) And I have no idea what size I wear anymore, as I’ve lost a chunk of weight recently.

So, just …. ~flail~ I don’t know. I dislike trying on clothing. I dislike shopping. Shopping online means I get a lot of clothes that have to go back when they don’t fit. (I have some very nice clothing hanging in my closet that I haven’t bothered to send back yet. *grouch*)

Anyway, the point:

I went to Target today and tried on two skirts and two pairs of pants. I really need four pairs of pants, but I only found two that didn’t make me want to kick the clothes racks over. It turns out that size XL in Target’s Merona brand fits me like clown pants and size L won’t go over my hips. The skirts were pretty reasonable, so I got those.

More of the point:
I still need to finding shirts that go with the skirts. One skirt is kind of a cream and deep sage horizontal stripes, the other black and grey in a chevron, both cotton knit, and long. I just ordered a couple of black tank tops but the available greens were mostly jades and teals and limes. If the black tops fit, I’ll perhaps get brown in the same size, maybe cream, but I spill coffee.

I need two more pairs of pants and different shirts, with more coverage, but that go well with long knit skirts. I have no idea what to get. Henleys? Keep in mind I don’t dress up much, and my lifestyle is very kid-and-dogs.

Just, you know, dress me! Links are good, ideas, brainwaves. If you know me and think any particular pants, skirts, tops, or look would look good on me, please holler.

My taste runs thisaway:

(and otherwise, at https://www.pinterest.com/mactavish/ there are other “style….ish” boards.)


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