social media blah blah idea dump

I just had a flip through my twitter followers page for the first time in two or three years. I’m a bit surprised at some of the people following me whom I’m not following (or wasn’t):
Tom Robinson? Ms Magazine? A few different college geography departments? Wow. Cool. I had no idea.  I added/reciprocated a lot, but not all, of the followers I wanted to follow, it was a very quick perusal and I know I missed people.

I used twitter a lot when my kid was little and I’d lie on the bed with him while he napped, or when I couldn’t fall asleep after he’d been up for awhile at 3 am. But then life got really busy (ever raised an energetic toddler? and I stopped so much. But then I did again. So now I’m actually trying to balance my social media use, use a few sites more (and facebook perhaps a little less. (I miss LiveJournal.)

This is how I want to use social media, or what I like about it, sort of.

Twitter: I love conversations here.. It’s like IRC combined with very short form facebook. I love tagging people (I call it atting people, mind you) and doing searches for topics and retweeting them

If I don’t follow you and for some reason you want me to, please let me know here or there. I don’t follow everyone who follows me there. Here are some reasons I might not:

  • You mostly post in a language I can’t read.
  • You mostly post about fitness or weight loss.
  • You mostly post about your religion.
  • Your profile makes me think your beliefs might be in extreme contrast to mine, not “we disagree” but your family values are very different from mine and you don’t think my family or I should be who we are.
  • You mostly are here for marketing or as a social media guru or entrepreneur. If I am going to follow businesses it’s because I already really like your business and want to read your tweets.

If I follow you, it’s because I read some of what you posted and wanted to read more.

Also: I post as both @mactavish and @geographile. No matter which of those you follow, I might have followed you from the other. I sometimes follow from both but not always.

Now this his how I intend to use the others:

Google plus: I love this service and don’t use it enough, so I’m part of the problem. If I follow you here it means I did when it was new. If I don’t and you want me to, please let me know. Mostly, the “you are now being followed by” notifications are mostly for businesses and social media gurus.

LiveJournal: Again we’re at opening the site, blah blah. I used to spent a couple of hours a day on LJ, now it’s that a week, at best. But I loved the interaction there. I love what feels like privacy. If I follow you here, I probably did in 2003.

Facebook: This is where most people I know well are, old school friends, family members, etc. But it has no archive to speak of and it’s lousy for anything really interactive. It’s long-form twitter. I don’t love facebook, I accept it.

WordPress/blogging: Hm. This. This is for essayish blog posts, right? And I promised more after my laptop came back from its long dark nightmare at the repair shop. But now it’s back. And when I have time to write, my brain is over there somewhere.

Also there is flickr.

I’m mactavish or mary mactavish most places.

What I really truly madly wish is that I could use hootsuite to post to G+, Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal. I can already use it for FB and twitter, and ostensibly, WordPress, though it doesn’t really lend itself well to that platform. Once I have to open a new program or website and deal with different UIs, I’m more likely to go catch up on the latest animated gifs on buzzfeed. Call me lazy.
So dammit I want it all and easy to use. And fingers that aren’t gimpy and don’t get more sore when I type. And speech-to-text tech that’ll work in a house with a conversational child and barking dogs.

And I want the USA to implement single-payer universal health care.


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