Oggy and the Cockroaches and giving up a little control.

We gave up awhile back trying to limit screen time for Owen. It doesn’t seem to limit his creativity (he’s being outrageously creative right now, in front of the television) and he gets plenty of sunshine and exercise. I know the Experts want it limited, but maybe, if one pays attention to kids as individuals, one finds out that they don’t all need the same thing.

I just wandered over and inspected his current project, during the production of which he stares off and on at Oggy and the Cockroaches. (“Owen, this cartoon is obnoxious.” “Yes,” he replied, “and violent!” And it is, in an Itchy and Scratchy way.)

He’s got all his big trucks (which I’d almost stored in the garage, this week, as he hadn’t been playing with them) in a line, connected to each other in one way or another like a train. He’s sitting at his lego pile, “making things” (decorations, parts) for each truck with legos. It is so cool.

I can’t predict how this child will learn, create, explore. His limits are not what I would expect, and they are in places I might not have imagined.

I give up. He’s going to be how he’s going to be.


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