where’s a gimp supposed to shop?

The worse my rheumatoid disease has gotten, the more I’ve had to give up brick-and-mortar and go online for shopping. I do some of that at smaller or at least medium-sized independent businesses like Dharma Trading, but I’m an amazon prime member (and have affiliate links sometimes, too) and I really depend on being able to just grab something I need without having to strap the kid into the car seat and go wander store aisles somewhere in a giant electric cart — if the store has one — or haul my own scooter down there, an immense pain. Basically, I have minimal endurance and I try to save it for fun things like going to the library or our beloved Exploratorium with the kid, not picking up new underpants or laundry soap.

I’ve known Amazon treats workers badly for a long time, because a dear friend worked in one of their biggest distribution warehouses for quite awhile and explained some of their dehumanizing practices. And I tend to boycott places that I feel have odious ethics, including, say, Walmart and Nestle.

Now that it’s out that Amazon treats tech workers not so well, too (other tech places treat them at least a little worse, many treat them better) I’m reminded: I do not like to shop at places with what I consider to be bad ethics. But I feel sort of stuck on Amazon right now. I have no idea how I’m going to handle it, yet.


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