Sometimes I love Farm Fresh To You’s offerings (generally awesome melon and greens), often they’re good enough (your basic apples are fine), sometimes just meh (like the strawberries in a given week are super-tart, or the blueberries have started to shrivel). But I hang on for this: They turned me onto Keitt mangos and they’re the only place I’ve ever found the giantest and sweetest keitt mangos.

You guys.

Keitt mangoes. Are. So. Good.

They’re huge, sweet, not very stringy, unbeatable flavor. I once gave my kid long strips of one because he wanted to practice cutting with a knife, and he cut them up, then slurped them, all of them, the huge mango, off the cutting board with his whole face, then licked the board.

Today I stayed within our budget by deleting quite a few options from the delivery (FFtY allows one to customize box contents) and just filling it up with mangos. Okay four mangos. That’s not tons. That’ll do for the week. If the kid’s nice, I’ll share with him.


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