I am not, and have never been, a fashionista.

In the past few years, my body has changed a lot. Rheumatoid disease has given me a possibly permanent wobble when I walk and slightly deformed hands, I’ve lost about 25% of what I weighed then, I just plain look older, my proportions have shifted. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my clothing and need to replace it, but shopping is physically difficult for me, and I have no idea what looks good on me or what sizes I wear now. I’ve ordered some clothing based on my measurements and been disappointed repeatedly.

So I signed up with Gwynnie Bee, probably not for long, just to try a variety of types and styles of clothing and get a idea of my new sizing range. Like many people do, I’ll probably post pictures and solicit responses, but so far, as my first box has shipped but I haven’t gotten clothing yet, here’s my review:

  • I didn’t get the idea before I signed up, for some reason, that to keep things circulating through (it works like old-fashioned DVD-netflix, you have a few items at home and return them when worn, they send you more off your list as you return them) you’re supposed to have 25 items on your list. And out of their entire collection, I probably likes 50 things, and half of those are items I’d only wear for special occasions, and I don’t even know how they fit me yet. No big deal — the first month is free. So at this point, so far, I’m going “eh.” Maybe I’d be more impressed if I wore business casual most days, and went out to parties or for cocktails at least once a week.
  • They don’t have nearly enough pants, at least not pants I can wear. I’m backing off from pants anyhow because long knit skirts fit better, but they’re not ideal in all settings, and finding a good pants fit is one of those things I need to do now.
  • I need shoes. If I’m to dress at all nicely, I need at least one more pair of black sandals and one pair of brown. And because of the rheumatoid stuff, shoes hurt. At this point, I’m thinking one pair of black chaco unaweep, and a brown leather from someone who makes comfy shoes. I’m not even pondering closed shoes for winter yet, that’s a scary proposition.

Maybe I’ll end up liking it, the reduced laundry pile, the range of tops, the chance I’ll have a party dress that goes with hairy legs and flat sandals when a party rolls around. But right now, I think I might last the free month and maybe one paid month before bailing on it.


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