I *do* love Disco

In high school (at least my last year in US public high, but really throughout my whole US high school experience, three public and one private school) there was a sort of unwritten rule that one must not like music outside of one’s official genre. The cowboy kids (whose parents had corn or tomato farms, I guess their cowboy boots were to protect their feet from the squashed tomatoes) listened to country, the stoners listened to the Dead and Santana, the headbangers to Judas Priest, the disco kids to disco.

I was sort of stuck, as I liked a huge range of music and didn’t fit well into any real social group. So I think I passed as sort of a non-stoner stoner and most folks knew I loved the Dead, I wore flat leather sandals and jeans and a “Disco Sucks” t-shirt, but at home I listened to classical, some heavy metal, lots of sixties rock and earthier seventies rock, and of course, disco. I could lie around on the floor and listen to Pink Floyd all night long, I was doing that, in fact, the night KZAP announced John Lennon had been shot (with reports up to and beyond when his death was announced) and I stayed up all night listening to Lennon and the Beatles and crying with a lot of other people I couldn’t see.

But I’m sure that at least a few times that preceding week, I was actually cranking Donna Summer or the Bee Gees and dancing my heiney off. But I didn’t tell anyone that. Disco was my secret.


So I absolutely loved the movie The Martian because it was a great movie. But I also danced. I sat down to do it, and tried not to disturb my immediate neighbors, but I totally chair-danced to The Martian soundtrack.

Last night I went picking through Amazon to see what I could toss into my music library there, found “Waterloo” — and it was on an album called “Songs from The Martian.” Well, that made it easier and a bit cheaper than seeking out individual songs. So here you are.



(Any proceeds from affiliate link income go to feed my and my child’s book and music habits. For instance, we haven’t bought nearly enough from the Banana Slug String Band yet.)

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fhwrdh
Disclaimer: I know the author of The Martian, so I don’t review or affiliate-link the book, but I don’t know anyone involved in or profiting from the movie version, so I do both enthusiastically in that context.


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