Today, Owen is vegging with DanTDM and new comic books, and I’ve just crawled back into bed with the laptop and a cup of coffee and Casey is either taking sick leave or is working from home with a massive migraine and this is how we roll.


Yesterday we had (kid-shaped) friends over and Owen socialized and played nonstop and was so happy, because he is a massive extravert, but really that means downtime the next day is good. And after one hard hard day followed by moderate rest followed by yesterday (kids) I’m fine with having my own downtime. I feel fine, but maintaining that while having chronic illness and an almost-5 means preventative care which means downtime. And Casey has been on a rather broken and hard schedule at work and a migraine was inevitable. So we’re resting.

Whether O goes to public school or is homeschooled (with attendant scheduled activities) any given year, or whatever else is going on, I really hope we always have downtime. In fact, one of my problems with public school is how little time it allows for completely unstructured time, especially as kids age and are at school 7 hours a day, then have homework and extracurriculars. I think most people need unstructured downtime. 

It’s a chilly grey day and I have dogs asleep in bed with me. If (when) O wants to bring me his comic books, I’ll read to him. Tonight there’s a gymnastics lesson. That’s all good, and absolutely enough.


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