Please help me find the big red book.

When I was little, 1970ish, we had a volume I remember calling just “the big red book.” It was maybe, in my child-scaled memory, 2” thick and maybe 9″x12” or a bit smaller tall and wide. I never saw a paper cover for it, I remember it as plain red cloth bound.

Inside were short stories and poems, a fair bit of Ogden Nash (including Eletelephony and Custard the Dragon and The Panther, at least), some Kipling, and I don’t even remember what else. I don’t remember it all, just that it was my go-to book for sitting down to read things I’d read a thousand times before and still loved. 

But I can’t remember enough about it to get a new one for my 2016 family.

Do you know what book I’m talking about? Or what else might be almost as good?


8 thoughts on “Please help me find the big red book.

  1. I so know what this is – we called them “The Red Books” too. They are a series called The Children’s Hour, published from the 50s? onward. The one you are thinking of is Vol. 4, subtitled Caravan of Fun. I have a set that was my fathers, passed on to my cousins and read to ribbons by my siblings and I, plus I have a nice set that smells exactly the same – the red faux leather covers are very evocative.

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