Politics Not-as-Usual: Moving forward

I got email from KQED this morning: “KQED News is planning additional coverage to highlight civil dialogue about the direction of our country, the Trump administration and the future of American democracy.”

Don’t even need to ask how they feel about the election. We’ll need good public radio, and KQED is a great source for great journalism. I’ll throw money at them.

I’ll make a list then think about how I want to further disburse funds this year:

These are all powerful organizations, all of which will be on the front lines to protect us for the next few years. They could all use the price of a cup of coffee or more. And there are news outlets that are fighting the good fight, including WaPo and the NYT; on the liberal-leaning side I also appreciate Mother Jones and The Nation. They need subscriptions, or at least for you to turn off your ad blocker. Pay the journalists who do the work.

If you think we should accept this election and move on, you’re probably not threatened by a Trump administration.

I AM. People I love are.

I’m not “moving on.” I’m moving forward.


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One thought on “Politics Not-as-Usual: Moving forward

  1. Mary, I appreciate your posting this. Your list is excellent. I haven’t had the nerve or strength to look at facebook since the disaster so will just say thanks for posting here. My google+ account is almost all genealogy so it’s calmer here for now.

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