Homeschool beginnings etc.

This year I finally get to try something I’ve always wanted to do. I get to homeschool our young critter, who’s almost as excited about it as I am.

I’m starting with the loose structure of a local/state-funded umbrella school and the Build Your Library curriculum. As I have made some of the initial purchases and started a list of other items I’ll buy, borrow, or scrounge, Amazon has started offering me Bibles and devotionals for young children. Um, thanks Amazon, but #notallhomeschoolers. We’re going purely secular.

One reason I want to do this (primary reason below, though) is that my gimpiness makes mornings very slow. I intend to get Owen, who learns very well from videos, to take care of himself with breakfast, playing with Lego and similar, and a curated jumble of videos until 10 or so when I’m medicated and more functional. Another is to do travel-schooling when things aren’t as busy with schoolkids on vacation.

But mostly it’s because this kid learns in his own weird way that doesn’t fit into a traditional classroom. His year in kindergarten makes me think he’s going to become a behavior problem unless we tamp him down hard. And I don’t want him tamped. So we’re trying this way.


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