#homeschool documentation dilemma

My dilemma? I need to be better organized. And I am not.

We do a lot of learning-by-doing in this household, and that’s awesome, but because we’re using a public charter umbrella school this year, I need to document learning. This can be all digital, and can be as simple as taking photos and inserting them into documents with captions, Yay! Except that means organizing them, Boo!

I used to organize like wow but then I’m not sure what happened — a kid, life, disability — and things got harder and I got lazier. I haven’t learned to manage the mac “photos” app since I’ve switched to mac. Flickr went through a really annoying period with a sucky UI, and it’s gotten better but not great. I think I just need to Do It.


Observing the eclipse, August 21, 2017 – Madras, Oregon

I’m trying to use this as a learning opportunity, and to show my kid that I work before play: No, I can’t play minecraft with you until I organize today’s documentation.

So here’s my request: 

If you know of any video (or text) tutorials that show how to use apple photos app really easily, please point me to them.

If you have any other good ideas for digital documentation and presentation of homeschool learning, please let me know.

So: Today, by making this post, I did work before play!

Other things I’m considering: Whether to leave my kid’s face and name out of public social media. (Currently, I keep him locked away behind locked posts on flickr, dreamwidth, and facebook.) What do you do, and why?


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