rolled together: Christmas, struggling, hope. Other.

I have two blog posts rolling around in my brain, and because I suddenly realized they’re related, I’m going to roll them together. 1. I have a kid now and would really love a peaceful, happy, music-filled, joyous waldorffy holiday, on the social side for my own and my kid’s social needs. 2. I am … More rolled together: Christmas, struggling, hope. Other.

such plans

I had such plans for the day. We were going to play quietly for a bit, build a Lincoln Log house or two, maybe spend some sandbox time, have a nice lunch, go get flu shots, then go play at a local homeschool group’s play day across the bay, But Owen woke up busy, played … More such plans

mutual respect

What a busy and mostly happy few days I’ve had. Feet are keeeeeling me so it’s a percocet night. I can’t compare it to anything, it’s not like walking too far, or being in too-tight shoes. I dunno, bastinado? At any rate, yeah, feeling better or not, I’m going to back off the overdoing it … More mutual respect


Since we made cookies last week, “measuring” is one of Owen’s favorite activities. I give him bowls of something scoopable (oats, here), measuring cups, and spoons. He talks to himself as he goes, as I narrate recipes when we cook together. Time for a play kitchen next to his sandbox, I think, and more real … More Measuring

Painting the sky

Today while Owen was swinging in the backyard, he stared up at the sky for a couple of minutes, then said, “Mama, the sky is very blue. Someone painted the sky?” I love this sort of thing, but it seems like something child-observers make up to make the kids seem cute. I know it’s real … More Painting the sky